We return to the land where the adventure begins down the broken yellow brick road. “Return to Oz” is a 1985 dark fantasy film released by Walt Disney Pictures, and directed by Walter Murch. It has now became a cult classic.

The story of “Return to Oz” doesn’t end when Dorothy gets home.
Remembering Return to Oz is now available on Vimeo-On-Demand.

From established producer Aaron Pacentine and his film company, Family Films Productions, alongside first time director, Aaron Schultz, this film take you behind the sences of one of the most underrated and creepy films of the 1980s. This award-winning film documentray, has won several awards in the film festival circuit. Best Documentary, two Honorable Mentions, Best Fan Film, and many more. The film is doing so well right now, as we continue to get so many awards.